A Short History of the Lowcountry Corvair Association

In the beginning, several Corvair owners from the Charleston area knew each other years before a club was formed. Andy Johnson, J. Allen Miles, Jon Miller, Lou Fulk and Sam Butler all attended the CORSA National Convention in Atlanta in the summer of 1980.

In late September of 1980, Andy Johnson contacted Hal Warren who owned a Chevrolet Dealership on Dorchester Road and was given permission to meet for a session with other Corvair owners. This was on Sat. Oct. 4, 1980 at 10 am. We voted to form a club, officers were elected, and the name Lowcountry Corvair Association was chosen.

Persons present were: Lou Fulk (president), Frank Lux (Vice Pres), Andy Johnson (Librarian), Sam Butler (Editor), Jon Miller (Sec./Treas), J.Allen Miles (BOD), Doug Graham (BOD), Bob Rafferty, John Holiday, Wayne Stewart and Mike McKean.

The name of the newsletter was to be called the AIR COOLED NEWS. Club objectives were desigined by Lou and adopted on that day. Our monthly meetings were held on the first Thursday of the month at the Sand Dollar room at Sears mall in N. Charleston.

Later in 1981 we joined the Corvair Society of America and were asssigned Chapter number 294. A new constitution and by-laws were written in accordance with CORSA guidlines. CORSA dues were $14.00 yearly and LCA dues were $6.00 for single and $8.00 for family.

By October of 1981 we had over 20 members and had $430.00 in our treasury. To this day we still exist long after other clubs have become defunct. The Sandlappers in Columbia, SC and Corsavanah in GA are two examples near to home.



Lowcountry Corvair Association